Everyone happened to have a brochure in their hands … that seems strange. Looking at the images and photographs printed on the poor quality workings, we immediately see that something is not right. The colors are so ill-suited to make one think of an error, and in fact it is so. Faces of purple, milky skies, dark seas, too dark shadows, yellow teeth … how is this possible?
An image can change a lot depending on the screen from which it is observed, but even more depending on the medium on which it is printed. If a picture looks clear and pleasant and well balanced to the PC, it is necessary to do so-called color tests to understand how it will turn out once printed.
To avoid fooling and throwing jobs, trust us. Thesis Color has been operating for 40 years at the service of a demanding clientele that requires different processes such as photo editing, layout and color proofing. You can provide us with the support on which you want to print your images and in a very short time you will be able to see the true yield of those supports. We work with Eci, Fogra and Swop standards to guarantee you a perfect result, exactly matching your wishes and needs. Do not waste your time and money: go without fail with professionals!