Thanks to the photo editing you can edit a photograph transforming it, thanks to different techniques, to give the impression that it was taken at different times of the day and allowing you to play with time, literally.

How can this be used?
A possible example is the need to create a romantic photo, which would require a soft and evening atmosphere, but the set can be used only in broad daylight.
Thanks to the photo editing you can change a sunny day in a sweet and romantic evening, a cloudy afternoon on a bright summer day, all this having the utmost attention to every detail, making sure that the result is impeccably perfect.
It becomes, therefore, feasible to photograph an environment at a given time and then show how it would be in other situations: the garden of your B & B photographed during breakfast in the morning, can be transformed into the play area for children in the afternoon and in the relaxation area for guests in the evening.
The same techniques to change “time zone” can also be used, with appropriate modifications, to play not only with the hours of the day but also to spend the seasons or whole years.