An information campaign often uses images. Here we will talk about the importance of turning to professionals to get the best results from their information campaign.
Let’s take an example from everyday reality: let’s take care of the information campaign aimed at making all the families of a neighborhood aware of the summer activities of the local library. How to proceed?

After having designed the heart of the campaign (images, slogan, message) we proceed to the creation and printing of the supports. In the library will be posted a very large poster, maybe 80 cm by 1.20 meters, with images, information and the complete program of activities. The neighborhood schools will be able to host smaller printings, perhaps in A3, with a single color image and a more stringent list of activities.

For the distribution of leaflets in mailboxes, the A4 or A5 format will be preferred, with a black and white print, without images but with logo and with a descriptive part of the activities well articulated, aimed at parents. The library newsletter will be made ad hoc with a well-laid out file, catchy and full of information.
Laying out the files in a different and optimized way for each individual paper and digital media is our daily bread and assures you the best results.