Have you ever wondered, watching the shot of a sunset with particularly vivid colors, if these were really the original ones or if the photo had been changed? But how? Color correction is a set of techniques for changing colors both at the time of shooting and post-production.

In order to be able to change the colors at the time of shooting, it is possible to use instruments such as lights and filters typical of photo shoots, while in post-production it is possible to create typical effects of the lighting conditions that have not been exploited during the shooting.

However, the question arises spontaneously: why use these techniques? It is possible to obtain a different effect by modifying the photo, as you can see in the transformation of a photo from color to black and white, but it is also possible to use some technique to make the image more realistic, as it is not always possible able to get the right result that fully reflects reality.

It is possible, in fact, to take photos in unsatisfactory conditions: outdoor events and / or sets (weddings, events, etc.) with not optimal lighting conditions, for example; in cases like these the color correction service helps to make any photo impeccable, giving it the desired effect.