Can beauty be defined?
Defining beauty is very difficult. Along with the parameters that remain almost unchanged over time, like the “beauty” of a landscape, there are others of a historical and cultural nature: think of prehistoric Venus or the ritual signs and scars on the faces of tribal peoples who are very far from us. How can we therefore define beauty? Vocabulary beauty is the ability to satisfy the senses: we therefore have to deal with a kind of interplay of references between the object that is admired and who observes it. This is why it is said that “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”.
We place ourselves as beauty recreations
Continuing with the phrases made, it is not beautiful what is beautiful but it is beautiful what you like, all tastes are tastes, and so on. If you like, being considered “beautiful” by all is impossible, but it is true that it is also useless. We are re-creators of beauty because we can go to satisfy the senses, to produce “beautiful” images for whoever you want. The beauty of a girl tattooed from head to toe is different from the beauty of a bride in white, which is different from the beauty of a boxer, who is still different from the beauty of a sunset or a laid table. Who do you want to like? Tell us and we’ll know what to do!