What emotion do you want to convey with your image, with your photography? From a single composition, thanks to the professional use of photo editing, we at Thesis Color can produce many different images. With digital processing we can in fact make the same image completely different. As?
To recreate an emotion you need to know very well the “vocabulary” of these emotions and know how to translate the image “from one language to another”. Emotions and sensations are sometimes difficult to convey with a photograph, and for this reason the post production intervenes to accentuate those small details that make “talking” an image. Here are some examples.
Nostalgia: a photo can be too cheerful and sunny and if you want to add a veil of sweetness and nostalgia you can do with photo editing, to mitigate some elements and accentuate others, so as to give that unmistakable touch.
Pop atmosphere: a pop and sparkling atmosphere can be reproduced from any image. After the basic preparation, special processing begins. The photos are rendered in a short time perfect to give the carefree image of the lodging pop.
Joy: making “rejoice” a picture is very simple for us! Even the most “tired” image will become light-hearted and fun thanks to our photo editing.