Photographic art has celebrated 200 years of life and, for a fifth of its existence, we have been artists, creatives and artisans of the image. Our life, our parents and our ancestors has been immortalized by the photographs, but with very different techniques, changed and evolved over the centuries and, nowadays, it is possible to reach previously unimaginable results. You can not see photography only as an art or a technique, as it also contains a good slice of everyone’s story, stopping memories, bonds, emotions of many lives over time. For this reason, despite all the time spent, the photographs maintain their aura of enchantment and emotion.
Rediscover beauty

We can distinguish the oldest photos not only for their subjects, belonging to another era, but also for the many defects that time has made emerge on them: the whole image is marked by time and often ruined. Restoring the beauty of memories is one of the most important missions of the artists of photo editing.