Since the birth of photography it has become necessary to develop techniques that allow photographic retouching, as the photographic technology has evolved, the photo editing methods have also been carried out, which have allowed to modify the shots in post production to higher and higher levels. The most common and required changes go from the simple change of colors and brightness, to a displaced focus and to a different contrast, up to more elaborate techniques such as the elimination of some elements of a photo, like the background, of fashion to highlight or isolate a single subject.

The reasons for resorting to a photo editing can be multiple: artistic needs, technical needs … An example can be the wedding album, in which, in order to create the right style that fits the wedding, to stand out the figures of the first couple and then of the guests, it is often necessary to resort to the artistic side of these techniques, which allows to obtain better aesthetic effects than the original.
The more technical side, however, can emerge in the creation of a catalog or a website, as, in cases such as these, it is essential to have photos with certain characteristics in line with commercial, marketing and / or disclosure requirements. for which photos are needed.