But it’s nice what you like! Part of our work is to create a tailored beauty to get the best result from your images. Depending on the purpose for which your images will be used, you may need one type of work or another. The image enhancement is not universal, so the photo editing should be tailored to your needs. Take for example the photograph of a laid table. If the image is to be used in a furniture magazine, for example, the brightness will be enhanced and the outline of the objects shaded to make a dreamy and welcoming atmosphere. On the other hand, if the same photo has to be presented in a magazine or a cooking blog, the warm tones, the brightness and the saturation will be accentuated in order to make the food appetizing. Or again, if the image is part of a collection of vintage-style images, it will be appropriate to filter it so as to give it a decisive touch that makes it immediately recognizable as a photo of past decades. How do we do it? Well this is our part of “magic” that we put at your service when you request a professional job!