A product that has to speak alone

An outline of an image can be the basis for further post production, or it can be the landing point, the “naked and raw” image. We will talk about this second case. To communicate effectively through images there is no single and unchanging rule, but different styles, techniques and approaches to image production and post production, ranging from retouching to pagination on paper. The overlapping, without further processing, is part of a particular approach that we will analyze.

A twisted object is a protagonist without bounds

To “narrate” an object, you can contextualize it or, instead, isolate it from the context and let the viewer take it from the page and place it in the backgrounds and situations that it has in mind. In this way, photography does not “suggest” a use, but lets it be the imagination of the observer to play with the photographed object, to place it in his or her life experiences or to imagine it in future scenarios, anticipating performance without any influenza by the producer. For the sake of this technique, the dezincification must be done in the best way, and we at Thesis Color are a team of experts in the field!