When the game is hard…
The disengagement is one of the basic techniques of photo editing, so much so that even the most advanced smartphones offer basic photo-editing functions. However, if cutting out a sharp-edged object that stands out well in the background is a breeze, cutting out more complex objects gives very disappointing results. It’s a shame to see photos clearly altered badly, where you can recognize the features of the old background “entangled” in the irregularities of the outline. How to do?
… professionals start playing

Without the right techniques and the right experience, the complex photo to be trimmed is destined to become a bad job to see, impossible to sell and of such poor quality that its defects will leap to the eyes of even the less experienced. To get an impeccable and professional result, the wisest and fastest way is to entrust your shots to a team of professionals such as Thesis Color. The dreadful wind-shaping crowns, palm leaves or profiles of alpine pine woods will no longer be a nightmare, on the contrary they will turn into the strong point of your photographic production. Relying on professionals will save you time and will always guarantee excellent results.