Color is the heart of photo editing: photography is based on the reproduction of an image and all its nuances. Sometimes, you want for an error in the camera settings, or for an ambient lighting not suitable for shooting, you need to intervene by changing the color to improve the photo. This can be done through filters, which are nothing more than preset instructions, the most famous and used filters are the sepia and the black and white. Other times it is possible instead to intervene on a specific color: this is frequent in the creation of catalogs, when a product is photographed only once and then the color is modified, so as to make the whole range of colors available for the individual appear in the catalog produced by taking just one shot. At other times it is possible to intervene in specific areas thanks to the masking techniques, in this way only some areas are retouched and recolored according to need. The masking is very useful for working on complex shapes, as can be that of a dress or a fabric: in the field of fashion and textile it is in fact necessary to pay the utmost attention to color, which is precisely one of the fundamental attributes of designers’ creations.