The layout is a delicate and crucial process, especially when it comes to printing images and texts from a catalog. How many times do you happen to be disappointed because a job was not done in a workmanlike manner? Details that are lost in the fold of the binding, imprecise margins that give your catalog the general impression of a careless, messy and approximate work, texts too close together … The importance of a catalog is central to communication company and to highlight your products and services. By entrusting us with the production and layout of your catalogs to Thesis Color, you will be sure to get an impeccable product: you will have the maximum control over color rendering, image perfection and the technical quality of all the layout criteria. Attention to detail starts from the photo retouching of each individual image, which is treated to be perfect, to then be carefully positioned within the page. Balance, pleasantness, finesse and professionalism will make your catalog an excellent way to present yourself to old and new customers, making an excellent first impression in front of every person who will browse the catalog of your exhibition, your sales catalog or your collection of personal works.