The field of choice for the outbreak is that of photo-marketing in the field of marketing / commerce, and the means of diffusion par excellence is the catalog of products, both in paper and online format.
When you want to help the end customer see the product in your life, in your home or on your body, you must be able to find the right balance between contextualization and decontestualization of the object. What does it mean?
Context: yes or no? It depends. Some catalogs, such as prestigious properties, benefit from presenting dwellings in their context but most of the catalogs benefit from being able to present isolated objects, or in contextualized and decontestualized versions, to give the observer freedom to work with his own imagination to admire the object in his environment and then to easily “insert” it into his life. For example, in the case of furnishings: a nice, well-kept living room with carpets, paintings and lights that make the outline look good, but then it is also good to match the individual cut-outs (sofa, console, chandelier, carpet) to allow the customer to make each object in a moody, naked manner, in his own living room. The same applies to fashion and clothing photographs, cars, outdoor furniture and many other categories.