Cropping is one of the basic techniques in photo editing. Although it does not change color, contrast, brightness, or other image parameters, it is very useful to enhance photographs because it is to crop them. Why can cropping be crucial?
Eliminate unwanted peripheral or marginal elements: if there are unwanted items in a frame, they may be in the center of the image, overlapping or close to the main subject, or may be close to the margins of the shot. We think of a crane that destroys a hilly Tuscan landscape: if in the frame is near the edge, cropping is used to “cut off” the crane without affecting the balance of the photo;
Highlight a detail of photography: if you want to highlight a particular element in a photograph, cropping can cut it to make it the protagonist of the composition;
Balancing composition: cropping allows you to change the frame to balance the composition according to parameters that can give static, dynamic, or particular effects to composition;
Change the proportions of photography: in this context, cropping is crucial from the technical point of view of the composition of the page. When painting a picture with a picture, a catalog, a poster, or a brochure, cropping allows you to insert images with the right proportions: square, 16: 9, 3: 4 and countless other formats.