Photo editing is not just a matter of eliminating people’s faults, it is also about adding features that have the task of making photography more enjoyable. A shot must convey a sense of sympathy, pleasantness and desire, even if it seems impossible for us is child’s play!
Every merchandise category, every subject, every single shot must be treated in a unique way, you need to have a great experience to know what touch to give to each image. In our online gallery you can find several examples of this variety of techniques: the image of cocktails on the beach, for example, has been treated in such a way as to make the environment appear brighter, the glass of containers colder, with a glossy effect and giving greater emphasis to the condensation of water drops. Then we suggested the variety of flavors of the different cocktails increasing the saturation of the colors, to make “mint and lemon” cocktails and “sweeter and greedy” cocktails with red fruits. In the image of the display of luxury watches we started from the classic dials with the hands at 10.10, which recall a smile, and we arranged them in perfect order, to suggest zeal and rigor, emphasizing the precision technology behind the individual clock. Try us with your products and you’ll have an excellent result for every single shot!