Photographing the foods
The pictures of the food, whether it’s candy or wedding cake, nouvelle cuisine or traditional regional dishes, must be amazing. They not only have the task of striking the eye and being flashy, but they have to be convincing in the deep, get right to the belly, and not just the figurative sense. Photos of food must go to satisfy two senses at once.

Make an appetizing photo
The photographs of food are usually divided into two categories: functional photos, such as those in the menus and recipe books, and marketing photos, such as those in advertisements that we find in newspapers, on food packaging or in blow-ups. In both cases, they must be of superior technical and emotional quality. If they are functional photos they must allow the viewer to predict the sensory emotions of a photo that is observed very closely. If it is a communication campaign, they have to be even more attractive, they have to push the observer to want to eat, they have to put their appetite.
Photo editing is essential to make sure you get a winning photo. You need to know all the tricks for a picture to be literally mouth-watering: with the right photo, the product will be placed in the cart.