There are images and photographs that are not centered on the single subject that is photographed, but have their strength in the general atmosphere of the composition. If for some works the subject is of absolute centrality, so much so that it is outlined because there is no other object to distract the look from its characteristics, for other works it is the context, the atmosphere that must be taken care of to enhance the composition. To make a product desirable you can go both ways: isolate it or contextualize it. Now we will talk about the second way to “talk” a product. Thanks to the photo editing you can load the context, the space around the subject of the photo, a light, a taste, a particular suggestion. In this way, the subject is “narrated” even through the environment in which it is inserted. For example, in our online gallery you can find an indoor environment decorated with two lamps and notice how the photo editing starts with a clean and bright setting and instead leads to a dreamy atmosphere, where lights, shadows and colors are charged with heat and a sense of muffled atmosphere. At the beginning we have a clear and neutral atmosphere which is then charged with nocturnal and oriental impressions, with shades of amber that make the new atmosphere very real and palpable.