The best support does not exist!
Often, as a photographer, you will be asked by the customer “what is the best card on which to print my photos?”. As a customer, you will have the same questions: better a very glossy card that shines even in dim light or a matte card that never gives a reflection? Or a medium satin finish in order to have some of the advantages of glossy and some of the advantages of matte? And as for the favorite photos to hang on the wall, it is better a simple magnification printed on photographic paper to frame under glass or maybe it is appropriate to have the photo printed directly on a special support? And this support will keep my photo bright or the colors will be staggered? And will it last over time or fade in a few months? IS…? And if …?

A thousand questions, one answer
There is no better support than any other, it always depends on the use you intend to make of an image. The difficulty lies right here, in not having an unequivocal answer. If the fear of making mistakes and proposing a support that is clearly unsuitable for the customer’s requests worries you, ask those who have 40 years of experience of images of every type and size printed on all the supports that you can imagine!