Choosing the right kickstand allows the photographer, professional or amateur, to get better shots and to tire less. A high quality of the initial shot allows a photo editing job lighter and even more fun. Starting with a good photograph implies that with the photo editing you will not have to “waste time” to correct mistakes, but you can go directly to the creative and fun phase of the style changes. How to choose the best easel?

Guide to choosing the photographic easel: the dimensions count

We said that a first watershed for the choice of the ideal easel is the shooting environment. In the studio you can use a very stable tripod, even if it is heavy and laborious to assemble. For outdoor photos, on the other hand, models that are easy to mount quickly and light to transport are preferred. What else is evaluated?
Maximum height: the ideal easel reaches a height of about 20 cm lower than the height of the photographer. For example, a photographer two meters tall needs a tripod that reaches 1.80 meters, while for a photographer of 1.60 meters just a tripod ceh reaches the mentro and forty.
Minimum height: an easel that can be very low is ideal for many macro, for example those taken near the ground, very frequent in nature photography.