Taking pictures of nature in flight
Birdwatching has become increasingly interactive. From the enchanted admiration of the birds, remaining hidden in the bushes to observe them without letting them escape, to want to capture them in one click the step is short. The thrill of birdwatching is one of those strenuous passions, which requires tackling the worst of nature, with raids before dawn, fords of frozen torrents, Dolomites climbs, long waits, marches in the desert. It is difficult to find a partner for these companies, but the desire to share the beauties that spread the wings in front of those who face these efforts are pushing more and more birdwatchers to become (or improvise) photographers.

Animals in their natural environment: an aid in post production
Wild animals often appear in unexpected positions, at not optimal distances, perhaps in dim light or in backlight, usually in motion. Wildlife is difficult to photograph, and it is difficult to refine your position. The animals could notice us, attack us, run away, but above all, if they are birds, they could fly away at any moment, and goodbye photos! When patience and luck are not enough, it’s time to ask for help from the experts in photo editing, which will enhance the beauty of every single shot and bring to light your unrepeatable images.