Is it possible to define beauty? It is difficult to do it.
In fact, there are some parameters that seem to remain unchanged over time, like the beauty of a bucolic landscape, but there are also other types, linked to well-defined historical cultural situations: an example is the prehistoric Venus, or the neo that the women and men of the nineteenth century drew their faces like a habit.
How can we therefore define it? The definition of the vocabulary of beauty is “the ability to satisfy the senses”, we have, therefore, to do with a kind of game of cross-references between the admired object and the admirer, hence the saying “beauty lies in eyes of the beholder “.
We present ourselves as beauty recreations.

That is we go to satisfy the senses producing beautiful images for the target chosen by the customer. The charm of a tattooed woman is different from that of a bride or that of an athlete, just as all these are not comparable to the beauty of a sunset or a gourmet dish. Who do you want to like? Tell us and we’ll know what to do!