The work of pagination consists of a real art, in being able to arrange the texts and images of different kinds within a page, in continuity with the subsequent ones. Although sometimes the actual role is not recognized, it is a fundamental step in ensuring the correct rendering of the contents of any project. A careful and valid layout technique must take into account many aspects, starting from the type of message to be transmitted, passing through the cataloging of contents and the quantity of text to be inserted, up to the type of audience to contact. Therefore, thanks to our experience in paging, we not only provide a good drafting of the text, but we also manage to elaborate in a rational way all the aesthetic and functional components. The commitment should not be focused solely on the choice of characters and colors, but we must also know the little tricks able to capture the attention of the reader. It is essential that the logical structure of the text is immediately clear, since our reading is not linear, but can proceed in a discontinuous way, with frequent returns of the eye backwards. Even the choice of characters is important, considering for example that it is easier to read in lower case and with the inclusion of graces.