The images to put on the wall
Whether it’s an advertisement, a poster, a map, the large format always has its own special charm. The large prints are designed to be put on display: choose your most beautiful image, your favorite illustration and entrusted to specialists.

Large formats
The yield of a large format depends on many factors and all these factors must be balanced. The large dimensions in fact amplify the beauty, but make even the smallest mistake giant. What looks well balanced in a small format or on the PC screen can be excessive and jarring. The definition can be a big problem and the proportions can appear staggered once you see the final result. The composition of the great images, the layout of the posters and the photo editing of the posters are all works to be entrusted to professionals who not only have the technical ability to perform what the customer requires, but also can offer a valid artistic and aesthetic advice , solving problems when the real result deviates from the hoped-for as soon as we see the image in large size.