The aquatic landscape, especially the marine one, is very lively and can be a source of great inspiration and truly majestic shots. Because it is a very evocative subject, however, you risk creating photos already seen and inflated. How to distinguish yourself? Here are our tips.
Horizon always straight: do not miss the beauty of a composition with a crooked horizon! Not always a crooked photo can be corrected with photo editing!
Use the long exposure and try the night vows: to get spectacular shots try to take pictures at night, with tripod and long exposure. You can combine the vault of stars that run with a deep black sea, a really rare shot!
Play with reflexes: the possibility of having an expanse of water and exploiting its reflections is really an opportunity not to be missed. Use the pools at low tide to search for the most exciting symmetries.
Look for contrasts: for a dynamic composition, look for contrasts. For example, a long exposure on the rocks wet by the waves will give effect to the softness of the water and the sharp roughness of the rocks.
Include the flora and fauna: algae, trunks taken to the shore by the tide, flocks on the horizon, crustaceans on the shore … make your photo alive!