Food is an immobile subject, so it should be easier to photograph it: but is it really like that? Not exactly…
Where to focus? The photos of food are usually centered on the plate, with little or no importance of the background, which remains out of focus (with exceptions). You will then focus on the food and the edge of the plate closest to the camera.
Use similar colors: to give the idea of ​​richness, match similar colors, for example in a photo you can combine chocolate, cinnamon, cane sugar and star anise.
Take advantage of the contrasting colors and complementary colors: for maximum brilliance, instead, combine complementary colors or contrasting colors and get a fresh and colorful image. Classic example: caprese tomato, mozzarella and fresh basil.
Use natural light: one of the advantages of photographing food is that dishes and ingredients can usually be moved to capture the right natural light, with soft shadows that make the dish more inviting.
Attention to cooking: the food that photographers must be eaten with the eyes, and not with the mouth. Then choose an al dente or even a little ‘raw food: it will keep brighter colors and will not become flaccid.