Travel photos are another very important and ancient category. When photographing was a very rare and expensive practice, the photos were dedicated only to some occasions and particularly important subjects, ie portraits (with photos that were to replace the paintings), special events (primarily weddings) and photos wonders like travel photos (think of English settlers in India). Today taking pictures and traveling are considered common and economic activities: how to give back to lost travel photos?
Photograph the details: the ancient key of the room of the boarding house, the convoluted grating of a street in the capital, the road sign that you can not see from us …
Change perspective: are you in Paris? Think of all the Eiffel Tower photos you’ve seen and make a completely different one! For example, he photographs the inside of a leg or the tower seen from above.
Make every place exotic: catch the unexpected even on outings. An old telephone booth, the row at the water fountain, the little-known suburbs.
Not only the great classics: do not look for what everyone is looking for, travel truly and bring back unique memories in your photos. For example, visit schools, libraries, local markets.