Start with birds accustomed to humans: if you want to try your hand at the difficult task of photographing complicated animals like birds, start with the easiest ones. The domesticated birds or the birds of the city, like turtledoves and pigeons, are the ideal subjects to become familiar with this kind of photographs. In addition, you may have some nice surprises even with subjects that you are used to consider trivial.
Exclude or include the background? To enhance a single subject, it is usually set to f / 4 and the background is excluded. To enhance a group composition, however, the background can help. In this case the setting will be at f / 7 or higher.
Take advantage of the silhouette: there are subjects with a very recognizable silhouette. Combine the flight of birds backlit with one of these elements with an unmistakable profile!
Use the burst only when necessary: ​​the actions of individual birds or the dynamics of flocks can create unique compositions and you would not want to lose the opportunity to seize the moment? Before shooting, study their movements to learn how to use the burst only when necessary. In this way the battery will not be consumed already after a few clicks.