The use of flash is one of the thorniest issues for photographers, from the most experienced professional to amateur photographer. If the old compact cameras have made the flash an instrument for everyone, it must be said that knowing how to take advantage of natural light and combining it expertly with flash is a real art. Here are 3 tips on how to get the best out of using flash.
Combine natural light with that of the flash: even if the flash is not necessary because natural light is sufficient, in some shots try to use the flash anyway. The result will be surprising. The photos will have a very special brightness and the scene gains in depth.
Combine the flash with underexposure: if the ambient light is right next to the limit between using and not using the flash, make the decisive step. Reduce scene exposure and capture the image using the flash. With this combination you get a more vivid scene, defined and sharp lights and shadows and increases the dynamism and drama of the composition.
Use photo editing: to reproduce the right atmosphere, rely on photo editing and you will get unforgettable shots!