In photo portraits the photo editing is applied more than anything else by applying technical adjustments. You do not go to change the expressiveness of the face of those who are photographed. Precisely for this reason it is necessary to be able to capture moments in which people have deep, natural, genuine or particular expressions. How to prevent your subject from being tense and having the characteristic “document face”? Here are some tips for getting portraits of excellent quality.

Know the subjects: let people talk about themselves through a small series of interviews between one pose and another. In this way you will be able to distract the subject from the “performance” by making him talk about something he knows very well. Facial expressions will be relaxed and natural gestures: it’s time to shoot!
Ask to pose, but also takes breaks: in this way you can capture moments of rest and psychological comfort that will give you very special shots.
Leave the subject free: after doing “your work”, let the subject lead the game. Where do you want to pose? As? Shoot according to his wishes and if instructions, let him experience the creative thrill and you will have unexpected results!