The photos in the moonlight are a great challenge for the photographer and also for those involved in photo editing. The right light in this case is very weak and you need to resort to all the expertise of professionals to be able to get some well done shots. Here are 3 tips for getting the best from your moonlight photos.
Shoot backlight: leaving the moon completely eclipsed behind your subject you get a very special effect. While the subject remains visible only as a silhouette, the moon rays crown it giving a dreamy atmosphere.
Shoot in favor of light: you will be surprised by how many colors your camera can capture with a long exposure, despite the light of the moonlight is very little.
Easel and long exposure to capture moving stars: with these two measures you can shoot against light or in favor of light. In addition to capturing the silhouette or the colors of the frame elements, you can capture the apparent movement of the celestial sphere. For a better performance, choose a clear day and dedicate most of the composition to a starry vault.