Street photography is an art in art. If photography is already a complicated search for an ideal result, street photography complicates everything by inserting a series of additional difficulties that the good photographer must be able to balance. Everything moves, everyone moves, the subjects are not posing, the light is rebellious … natural that then we must make a great appeal to post production! Here are 3 tips to get a high quality starting shot, then for the essential photo editing we are there!
Slow down … or stop: if you chase your subjects you will notice too much and you will be too taken to look for the right shot, which continues to escape. Stop and let the perfect image present to you.
Use a high ISO: except for really optimal conditions (perfect light and at will, subject posing still) is always better to abound with the ISO. The corrections are made later with photo editing.
Focus on details: you can not photograph everything, it’s impossible. Stop, free your mind and let your eyes go until the right detail hits you: that will be the perfect subject of your street photography!