Photographs of marriages can be considered a bit like photographs for excellence. When taking pictures was not yet such a widespread practice, the photographs were dedicated only to special events, just like marriage. This custom has in a certain sense been preserved over time. Photographing the wedding is still a must and there are even photographers specialized in this. Wedding photography is one of the “products” in which photo retouch is used most because they continue to be very important. Here are 3 tips for exceptional compositions.
Give the “mistakes” a second chance: when you point to a subject and the photo fails as you want, give this error a second chance. You may have caught something unwanted, but just as beautiful, or you may have obtained a very special shot in which the error (photo move, overexposed, out of focus) becomes just the beauty and the particularity of the photo.
Take pictures in advance: take a picture of the church, the details of the decorations, the car of the couple, the reception room a few hours before the wedding begins. You can enhance the environments, details and decorations without the pressure of the guests and perhaps taking advantage of a special light, such as the sunset.
Be the indiscreet eye: follow spouses and guests like an invisible shadow and you will get unexpected portraits and really genuine looks.