The sunset is probably the natural phenomenon observed with more pleasure and more photographed. Because? First of all it is an event that is repeated every day, so it is very “available”, but despite this repetition it is always different! It must be said that it is considered a very romantic subject and it is one of those rare moments when the sun becomes photogenic and photographable. How to make the best sunsets photos?

Use equipment not obvious: in addition to the wide angle, try to bring with you the telephoto lens and tripod. In the last moments of light, the sun can be framed closely and with a long exposure, to get really impressive photos.
Try different compositions: you can frame the sun from different distances, use people, natural or architectural elements as a frame. The photo will not be affected by these additions, indeed: the beauty of the sunset can even be exalted when it is inserted in a well-studied context.
Help with photo editing: even if the sun is particularly dim, observing it directly interferes with the ability of your sight to calibrate all the parameters well. Bring home a good number of beautiful compositions and then perfection with photo editing.