In the commercial / marketing sector, photo retouching makes extensive use of one technique in particular: for the online and paper production, the example par excellence is the product catalog.

The main purpose of the use of this technique is the desire to help the final customer to visualize the product in their own reality: at home, on his body .. to achieve this it is necessary to find the balance between contextualization and decontextualization of the object, or : most of the catalogs take advantage of presenting the objects individually and completely de-contextualized so as to give the bed the possibility to work with their own imagination to insert the object in its environment, while, in some cases such as, for example, real estate catalogs, the best solution is to present the dwellings within their context.

The case of furniture is excellent as an example because it presents both needs: it is crucial, in fact, to show cured and complete environments to give the subject an overview of a possible housing solution, inviting him, so, to observe the photo for take inspiration at the same time, however, it is essential to re-present the same elements individually and side by side to provide the possibility to imagine it inserted in a different and more family environment.