One of the basic techniques of photo editing is the cropping: useful for enhancing photographs, it does not change color, contrast or brightness, but rather crops them.
By eliminating unwanted peripheral or marginal elements, it can therefore prove to be a fundamental element for every photographer: in fact, in an image there are undesired elements, perhaps at the center of the image or overlapped or too close to the main subject, the cropping it can be used to eliminate them without affecting the balance of the photo; a clear example is a disturbing element such as a crane in the foreground on a hilly background.

In other cases, on the other hand, it can be used to highlight a detail of photography: by trimming it, one can easily make it the protagonist of the composition; or it may be necessary to balance the scene by modifying the framing, again thanks to the cropping technique, and giving it, thus, static, dynamism or particular effects; a further example of the possible applications of this technique is the need to change the proportions of photography, in which the cropping is even fundamental: to lay out a text with images, a catalog, a poster or a brochure, in fact, it allows to insert images with the right proportions.