Often a married couple decides to want to distinguish in every detail of their ceremony and reception, choosing, perhaps, an innovative theme with free environments and with a greater involvement of guests, this also greatly affects the work of the photographer who often , must create a reportage style photo album. The shots requested must be spontaneous and not posing, gathering the spouses and their guests in apparently unexpected moments, from unusual angles and natural attitudes. It is a type of album with the greatest impact and, consequently, increasingly appreciated especially after decades of wedding photos in a stiff and not natural attitude.

A good report, despite the premises, is never a symptom of improvisation and low quality, but often more challenging in post-production, because the quick shots, essential to catch every special moment, make more than necessary an adjustment and a posthumous workmanship.
In addition, many couples wish to carry out their own reportage by handing amateur photo collections to the professional; relying on us for photo editing is the best way to enhance the shots by obtaining an impeccable and effective album.