You will have found, browsing the internet, the following words combined with some images: “colors in reality may appear different”. Not only does the color change from the monitor to the rendering on paper, but it also changes from one monitor to another. The brightness and saturation settings of individual monitors may be impossible to reproduce between one computer and another. How to do so to be sure to get exactly the desired nuance? We at Thesis Color use a certified system in Europe and in the United States that allows us to reproduce on screen the final color, what will appear in the print. Not only that: we can show you exactly how the color will appear on the various print media. This innovative and very useful system is called “soft proofing” and is very useful as it allows you to see, in a very quick and economical way, the final color, virtually trying out the prints on different supports. In a few moments, and without having to proceed physically to print, you can display in a certified way the color of each individual image, depending on the type of print you need. Our professionalism allows you to work faster and more safely, saving time, materials and money.