Black and white: two colors, but not only
It is often thought that a black and white photo is made only of two colors, which are precisely white and black. In reality this two-color combination is made up of an incredible gray scale: passing from white to black, hundreds of different nuances are recognizable, each of which has its own precise meaning and conveys a precise emotion.

Infinite shades of gray
If you don’t take seriously the chromatic richness of black and white photos, you risk getting bad quality shots, or rather not exploiting the full potential of the image. Black and white has nothing to envy of color in terms of ability to transmit emotions and create a new atmosphere. Underestimating it you risk getting the “usual” series of black and white photos with the “usual” defects: pale and faded photos that look bad, dark photos where details are lost in the shadows, flat photos where there are no it’s contrast, cold photos, photos without light. A simple test of our photo editing will be enough to understand in an instant what risk of losing without the help of a professional team.