There are not a few photographers who specialize in portraits of the participants at parties held in trendy clubs. Often in these places there are corners dedicated to the photo shoot in which customers and staff can pose to be immortalized. Being the era of social media images are almost always used and spread after a few moments, but only the best shots go through post-production and photo editing to be transformed into posters, posters, covers or to be included in magazines and newspapers . Thus, professional post-production becomes a real obligation.


Who gives a private party with great fanfare will often choose the services of a good photographer to capture the day … or the evening. These are often shots in non-optimal conditions, where only the skill of a true photographer can get a good number of shots by selecting them among the best. By nature, this type of photographs often need a post-production session that goes to improve The good that is in every image: filters, cropping, color adjustment can turn a “beautiful” photo into a masterpiece to be framed , for the benefit of those who turned to us for photo editing!