The pet photography is a very popular sector of photography, but also very difficult: animal shots are, in fact, the most difficult types of photos to get because of the difficulty in convincing subjects to pose, or, when it comes to photos in natural environments and in situations of freedom, of the hyper activity of the beasts.
Whatever the case, a considerable post-production work is often required, which makes photo editing indispensable and, for us at Thesis Color, there are no secrets about it.

When are animal retracting shots required? The field of employment is vast and ranges from artistic photographs to reports of exhibitions, competitions and fairs, not to mention the veterinary world and marketing and advertising products dedicated to animals.
For an optimal success, obviously, the applicable photo retouching techniques are the most varied: from the trimming to the application of filters, from cropping to the manipulation of backgrounds.
Our team of professionals is perfectly able to make the most of every possible change requested, for a final result that completely satisfies the customer; in addition to processing on a single shot, it is also possible to rely on the composition of more elaborate works such as catalogs and leaflets.