As Andy Warhol knew well, the repetition of a retouched image is very interesting and fun. Seeing a series of figures all the same in which only the color combination changes attracts a lot of attention. This discovery is very useful in the marketing world. To approach a potential consumer, one of the basic rules is to give a wide and complete range of products. Whatever the product, presenting it as soon as possible in its various versions is essential. The places in which to present the product are the galleries, the catalogs and the windows, both online and real.
To give an example, let’s take a very common product: a sofa. The sofa seller will take a picture of his six-seater sofa with peninsula, the best sofa in his collection, placing it in a luxurious living room and accessorising with blankets, pillows etc. The sofa is available in cream, sage green, light blue, teal, black. How many hours and money should the shopkeeper invest in assembling and disassembling the different colored models and setting up the scene every time? Time and money saved by entrusting the work to professionals in photo editing that can change the color of the sofa for a complete catalog!