Playing with time
Photo editing also allows you to play with time. The same photography can be transformed, combining various photo editing techniques, to become a rich and varied image, with many versions that can also give the perfect illusion that the photos were taken at different times of the day.
Why can this photo-editing technique be useful?
Imagine having to create a romantic atmosphere in a photograph for which you have everything ready, from the subjects to the setting. Unfortunately, however, photography should recall a night or night atmosphere, and your set can only be used at midday. Thanks to the photo-editing techniques, we can turn a bright morning into a romantic evening, a day of overcast sky on a sunny afternoon, with the utmost attention to every detail so that the result is always absolutely impeccable. You can also photograph the same room at a specific moment and show “what it would be like” at other times: the terrace of your hotel photographed during breakfast in the morning can be transformed into the afternoon play area or the gala evening for your guests . The same techniques to change “time zone” can also be used, with appropriate modifications, to play not only with the hours of the day but also to spend the seasons or whole years.