Tell the technology
The catalog may seem less “poetic” in the printed paper industry: for us it is a very precious object because it brings customers, and above all, potential customers, the “story” of their product, own company or company. The catalog should be in line with corporate or corporate spirit and with the message and appeal that the product has to express. How to Enhance a Technology Catalog?

New technologies and paper language

For an online catalog we will make the best of your products through photo editing and pagination. For the paper catalog we will also work together to find the right support. Perfect photos accompanied by descriptive and intuitive charts: the technology catalog must be clear on every page. Photo retouching will require filters and trim to enhance the technical expertise of component construction or the precision of assembled products. For the printed version, the same quality of support must be able to convey the pleasure and technical quality that the products shown promise: our job is to make this delicate balance of message read and tactile and material experience to be touched .