Beauty: texture + color

Beauty and fashion have always been told through the pictures. The sense of sight is crucial in this area: it is the eyes to be the doors through which emotions pass and the pleasure of admiring a perfect makeup, cutting and fantasy of a fabric, making it even before touching it the texture of a beauty product. When the catalog is paper-based, the same choice of media becomes central. Browsing pages that portray product images is already a first way of getting in touch with those products.

Catch the senses with a catalog

In the world of fashion and beauty, cosmetics are the most intimate contact point between the product and the consumer, as the products go to caress the skin, the scents stimulate the smell and the colors blend on the skin to clean, toning and giving attractive shades. The catalog needs the utmost care not only in the post production of the images, but also in the composition of the cards and pages and in their perfect rendering on the ideal media. Our experience can make your catalog able to enchant all 5 senses, becoming irresistible.