Who is responsible for managing a website and having to position it better in the various search engines, knows well how the construction of every single page is crucial to appear high among the results, possibly in the golden land that is the first page of Google. How to do? Of course, the heart of success lies in SEO, which includes several factors. Often we focus on the side of texts and keywords, without giving importance to quality and well-indexed images, which bring three advantages.
The first advantage that improves the positioning is the presence of images, which if well indexed are a central factor to emerge among the results of search engines.
The second advantage is that photographs increase the time spent on a page. The images, the more beautiful they are, the more they attract attention and capture the reader, and this is very good for SEO.
The third advantage, which is perhaps the most important, is that a beautiful site with beautiful images is revisited more often and retains your readers, who come back to click with pleasure to explore your web space.