The selfie: an underrated protagonist
Selfie is an increasingly popular technique of taking pictures of themselves, and was once called a self-timer. Once, to get a good self-timer, you had to prepare the scene, have a lot of luck and be able to frame yourself blindly. The results were not very good, but the introduction of the timer allowed this technique to improve a bit, giving at least time to the photographer to fix the frame and then run on the right side of the lens.

The selfie today: almost an art form
With dual camera devices, taking selfies has become much smoother, as you can see the composition before shooting. Although they are always very recognizable style photographs, over time they have become more and more frequent and appreciated, so much so that they are considered almost a kind of art in their own right.
The use of selfie is so frequent that many phones offer programs to do a minimum of integrated photo editing, but when the selfie becomes a passion it’s time to switch to professional photo editing. The selfie can be adopted for an entire travel report, for an original wedding album, to make the photos of an event more dynamic. Take advantage of all the potential of selfies, we take care of the photo editing!