We continue with the suggestions to get the best photos in black and white, also in view of subjecting them to various processes of photo editing in post production. Here are 5 other tips:
1. Watch out for lighting: light works differently in black and white photography than in color. The natural light of the sun at noon, for example, is excellent for architecture, indirect light is good for portraits as well as sunlight on the horizon, perfect for landscapes in black and white.
2. Photographic portraits: without the use of color, a black and white portrait concentrates all the attention on the eyes and on the texture of the face and hair. Thanks to the marked face, the portraits of older people are excellent subjects for black and white photos.
3. Landscape photos: Black and white photos highlight the tonal contrasts and enhance the silhouettes of the elements. They are excellent for views of dunes and profiles of mountains and hills. They make less in the case of a homogeneous expanse of trees.
4. Pictures of buildings: the strong and dramatic light of the sun at midday highlights its material and three-dimensional characteristics.
5. Still life: without the use of color, carefully compose the harmonies of the shapes and concentrate on the light.