The photo editing of black and white photographs can be made better starting from a picture taken with certain attention. How to take a photograph to get the best black and white performance? Here are the top 5 tips for perfect b / w photos.
1, Learn to see the world in black and white. Not all subjects are suitable for black and white photos, as not all subjects are ideal for color photos.
2. Shoot in RAW: use the RAW format and choose the black and white mode. In this way it will be displayed in black and white already on the LCD of the camera and will contain all the useful information in the file.
3. Distinguish the texture: do not focus on the colors but see the texture of the surfaces to be photographed.
4. Distinguish the tonal contrasts instead of the colors: one color photo and one in black and white are very different and in some cases they may look like two different photos. For example, a red and green striped dress looks flamboyant in the color photo but may look monotonous and off in black and white photos. If you want contrasts, look for tonal contrasts.
5. Learn to recognize contours and shapes regardless of color: other training for the eye. In this way you will know if a shape stands out or not in the background.