The photo editing has among the basic techniques those of photomontage. If once the photos were just cut out and glued piece by piece to recreate a new composition, now everything is done digitally. The skill of the professional is to perfectly merge the elements coming from different starting images, to create a homogeneous and plausible final result.
When an image has non-harmonic elements, it is often said: “It looks like a photomontage!”. Thanks to our experience and professionalism, the photo editing will be imperceptible even in the photomontage technique.
A photomontage to perfection
The first step is the disengagement, to be carried out with absolute skill. There should be no mutilations in the selected element, as well as details of the previous background, which must be eliminated with extreme care, should not be included.
Then it is necessary to make all the homogeneous elements according to an infinity of parameters, such as: proportions, sharpness, brightness, saturation and so on.
The union and / or the superposition of the various elements must not create any detachment that can not be perceived even by the observer.
Performing a professional photomontage is a real art, much used for example in the advertising field. To get the best results, trust only the best experts!